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Updated Rules for 2017

Pylon Racing SA is proud to announce that our revised and updated rules for 2017 is available here.


Winter Races - Sunday 16 July 2017

Venue: R.M.A.C in the South of Johannesburg

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Introducing Electric Pylon Racing - On the day we will also be flying an electric class info regarding this class will be posted closer to the event. We will also be hosting our AGM at this event.

directions for the venue can be found here. 

Combined Power Nationals

results available now

Results for the power nationals can be found here



In our own corner of the virtual world you will find some information about Pylon Racing here in South Africa. for more information on pylon racing go to our About Pylon Racing page.


All competitors and members should be registered and paid up members of SAMAA. For More information click here

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