Racing head to head against pilots around the course tests your flying ability and will leave you craving more.
South African Miniature Pylon Racing Association

We would like to thank everyone who participated, and attended the Rmac Summer Race. Without you we could not have had the great success we had this past weekend.
It was surely the biggest crowd we have had in a long time, and the future of Pylon racing is definitely looking to grow more and more.

Special Thanks to all the members of RMAC for allowing us to use their facility on a day where the weather was perfect for flying. I would also like to extend our greatest gratitude to some of the individuals who instead of having relaxing day at home, spent the day running around and working hard to make the event a huge success.
Thank you Renier Venter, Pieter Botha, Gerhard Brand, Nico & Heila Van Vuuren, Juan-Pierre Richardson and Stefan Coetzer The event could not have been a success without you.
Thanks to our Sponsors, Restech Manufacturing for Sponsoring the Race fuel, And Easy Web for all our hosting, Internet and website needs.

Now, for some racing news, this past weekend, a new type of racing showed up for race day...
FPV Pylon Racing.

Yes folks, you guessed it, First Person Pylon Racing and boy was it great to host the guys and see them race wing tip to wing tip.
It was great to see them setup some spare goggles and screens for the public and fellow pilots to experience a race in the cockpit!
Some exciting racing followed and some spectacular "Oopsies" were caught on camera.
I would like to Thank Gary and the guys for making the trip, and enjoying the day with us!

Watch this space, as we are bound to see this class grow over time.

All in all the day was a huge success, with some spectacular racing from all our competitors.
Congratulations to all the winners, and runner-up pilots, and better luck next time to those who just missed out.

Our next Race meeting is in February 2019, and we hope to see all of you and your friends there!